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The Podcast

The Podcast

Usana’s Giving Mindset: Are We Doing Enough?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to put an end to world hunger? Of course, it would. No one…

The Podcast

How LegalShield Became a Great Place to Work

Nancy and Kenny just wrapped up their series of podcasts about employee and distributor engagement. Those episodes…

The Podcast

How Work Friends Help You Grow, Adapt, and Get Things Done

When the people on your team don’t get along, things can get dicey quick. You can’t force…

The Podcast

Do You Know Which Kind of Leader Your People Need?

Can you name the two types of leaders? Sorry for pulling a “there are only two types…

The Podcast

No Country Comes into the Modern Era Without Access to Electricity

Imagine living without electricity, all the way down at the end of the last road out into…

The Podcast

You Can’t Grow Without Feedback (and Top Performers Know It)

Do you suck at giving feedback? Are you hurting people’s feelings? Or, are you so afraid to…

The Podcast

How Company Values Can Boost Stability, Happiness, and the Bottom Line

Why do company values matter? Why do so many companies write mission statements? What is company culture…

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